Who Is The Voice Of Eye?

One and the same… The Voice Of Eye = Culture:Subculture Photography = Craig Morse.

Since 1998 I have chosen to become acquainted with the lesser known, the eccentric, the creative, the misunderstood, the marginal, and the disappearing as well as emerging cultures, communities, and individuals in our world.

As a visual documentarian I prefer to observe a culture from within looking inward through patience, networking, social integration, and earning the trust and respect of my host community.  I photograph my subjects through a lens that honors a people’s unique identity while also revealing their inner beauty and vulnerabilities as well as their similarities to and differences from global culture.  But more importantly, I seek to affirm my subject’s humanity.  Concurrently, as a fine artist, I endeavor to make use of the resources available to me while engaging in a process of conceptual play and discovery with my subject and the physical circumstance.  For both approaches I seek to visually understand the ambition, the disposition, and the motivation of the person(s) who I chronicle, especially while in the context of a location that has a historical dimension while communicating a sense of meaning and place.

My personal mission, however, is to one day recognize that which connects each of us to ourselves, each other, all that is living and inanimate in nature, and that which is the great unknown.  Both during and after my time while alive on earth, I hope that my work will serve to inspire each succeeding generation to further realize our enlightened potential as a sentient and evolved species.

One response to “Who Is The Voice Of Eye?

  1. craig,
    last year i directed/shot and edited a music video for Dr. John’s CITY THAT CARE FORGOT album. it was an unofficial effort through my friends at nomrf.org who are friends of Doc’s. now that the album has been nominated for a grammy, Mac has generously offered it to NOMRF for a charity download. they would like to use the video (youtube.com/grewvia – Dream Warrior). Trouble is that Mac doesn’t like the direction I took with an actor and wants to use real new orleans people affected by the storm. i have an idea to use b/w photography of faces. my question to you is whether you would agree to the usage of some of your excellent imagery in the video? I would be re-editing the bedroom scenes with your shots. Can’t afford to pay you but will ensure full credit for the still photography in the credits. NOMRF is a grassroots 501C charity with a charter to bring new orleans musicians back home…good people. just a request but would really help sell the piece as being authentic to NOLA. Thanks for your consideration…gh

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