The Voice Of Eye: A Brief Bio…

Since 1998 – while having lived in and between San Francisco, New Orleans, and Washington D.C. – Craig has pursued photography with a passion and a flare for creative composition and historical tenor. Though he started out with the intent of becoming a National Geographic and Smithsonian photographer, he has since found his visual voice through documentary photography, photojournalism, conceptual and fine art imagery, portraiture, musician and performance photography, and photographic activism.

To date, Mr. Morse has been both self-directed and motivated by a sense of purpose. As a result, he has invested himself in both his subjects and experiences: embarking on an extensive exploration of Burning Man culture in the early 2000s, assembling an intimate portrait of the cross-section of creatives and outcasts who inhabit the social subtext of urban underground communities, and a immersing himself in a three-year plus chronicle of New Orleans and its residents who have struggled and succeeded in overcoming the challenges following the devastation visited upon the city by Hurricane Katrina.

Thus far, Mr. Morse’s images have been published in the The Village Voice and Lenswork Magazine, his prints purchased for the permanent collections of The Louisiana State Museum and The Historic New Orleans’ Collection, his journalistic ethic appreciated by university faculty from institutions such as Columbia and Stanford, his activist fervor recognized by The Institute For Southern Studies and the German Parliament, and his talents commissioned by The Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the Burning Man, LLC to document the community that builds the foundations for Black Rock City, The DPW.

As of January 2009, Mr. Morse is living in Maryland. In an effort to publish the first of his many books on queue, he is investing his energies into editing the approximately two-hundred-thousand images he has acquired from his New Orleans experience while developing his professional network.

4 responses to “The Voice Of Eye: A Brief Bio…

  1. Doing great things is scary and so rewarding. Stopping by your site always reminds me of this.

  2. Hey Amelia… Thanks so much for your kind words! Writing so that the public can read my thoughts is somewhat new to me. I don’t get a lot of visitation on my blog thus far, so I really appreciate your input and support. How has life been treating you? You’ve been spending a few minutes everyday on Twitter… It’s a little confusing to me… How do you make it work for you? :) Craig

  3. hello Craig~
    we rode together in the back of the truck in nola… which seems like many years ago! and then there were many other incidents to remember too…
    it’s been a minute.
    but wow. your pictures are great. there’s smth abt the way you shoot the women, they look fierce! i love it!!!
    you moved to maryland now? i believe you were in calif the last time we met..or did i just make tht up? been meaning to write, but it’s been quite crazy.
    will write more, soon.
    be well.


  4. Hallo Craig!

    Please ping me at my email address (sfslim, over on the Google Mail) at your earliest convenience. Hoping to use one of your photos on a Laughing Squid post about the EBRMC’s Fight Party.


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