Daily Archives: September 30, 2011

Stretched Canvas Prints For Sale – Greatly Reduced Prices

Dear Friends… I am currently going through a fiscal rough patch, so I hope y’all will take a moment to give the following images a look and consider buying one or a few as canvas gicleĆ© prints. I am selling these at severely reduced prices with hopes to bring in enough money to take care of my October rent and bills.

The following images represent the canvas prints and range in size between 30×40 inches and 12×16 inches. And while a few are #1’s in their respective editions, many are artist proofs (meaning they are acceptable, but not quite up to my print standards). These artist proofs are greatly reduced with hopes to bring in enough to cover my cost to have had them produced. So, if you’re interested in either the limited edition prints or the artist’s proofs, or if you think you know someone who may be interested, please let me know… and feel free to pass this link along. It would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! :) Craig

PS- if the print you like is still too much for your budget, feel free to make an offer along with the title of the print, and I will give it consideration. Thx!